I started this blog because it was an assignment for my digital strategy night course to helping myself (and you if you’re interested) keep sugar away from my mouth as much as possible so I can live healthy and active. And feel happier! Yup, eating healthy and lifting heavy can (and will) boost your mental health. But sticking to this can be a challenge when the whole world around us is loaded with sugar (more on my Hello World post) and glorifies laziness and instant gratification.

Fear not, dumping (or simply reducing) sugar from your diet doesn’t mean you’ll never enjoy eating again. There are plenty of sugar alternatives that are healthier and not laced with chemicals. It’s on this topic and the benefits of strength training on mental health which I’ll be blogging about.

I hope to keep myself in the zone and pumped up about sticking to my gym and nutrition goals (again, more on my Hello World post) and I hope to motivate you, too. And possibly make some new friends along the way. So I encourage you to chime in with your comments.

Speaking of which, my social media policy is as follows:

  1. I’ll be truthful and friendly (nastiness has no business on a mental health blog)
  2. I’m all for constructive criticism so I will only approve polite comments (like I said, nastiness has no business on a mental health blog)
  3. My aim is to make each of my posts useful to you (if not, then please accept my apologies in advance)
  4. My disclosure policy is simple: I will disclose where my info comes from

More about myself: I’m a digital strategist and cartoonist living in Toronto, Canada. I enjoy strength training (surprise surprise), podcasting, and going on adventures. I’m also a self-published author of an illustrative book called Stuttering is Cool: A Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World, produce a podcast of the same name, and I’m co-founder of Stutter Social, an online community using Google+ Hangouts. So if you haven’t guessed it already, I stutter :)

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy my blog on the mental health benefits of eating healthy and lifting heavy. It all starts with dumping sugar!

Contact me on Twitter. Or by email which is my last name (rossi) dot first name (daniele) at gmail.com.


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