Holy cats! I can dip!

In case you don’t already know, I’ve been blogging about my slow recovery from a few injuries in the gym (tennis elbow, torn biceps, rotator cuff injuries to name a few). So it’s a big deal to me that this morning I braved it and took a chance at seeing if I could perform one of my favourite exercises, the dip (see above video). I did 5 reps, took a rest, did 5 more, took a rest and did 3. Pain started to come but it went away. And I felt pumped and strong. How I missed that feeling.

And all I did were 3 short sets. It felt good! My chest and triceps felt back to normal. This is something I’ve been noticing lately. You don’t have to do a large amount of sets or reps. Ok, I always knew this about barbell training but does it apply to bodyweight training? I always see bodyweight routines with high numbers like 30, 50 even 100 reps of multiple sets.

Before my injuries, my aim was 75 dips in total. That’s a lot to strive for! I guess. I see others do it. I wonder what benefits you receive with 75 dips vs. 5 sets of 5? Is it endurance? Is there more strength somehow? Perhaps it’s simply larger muscles? I know crossfitters love this concept.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with bodyweight training. Should I (slowly) work my way back to my goal of 75 dips? Maybe doing them consecutively isn’t the answer. Maybe 75 dips in total throughout a workout? So many variations…



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