Holy cats! I think I’ve kicked the sugar habit!

If you live in Canada, you will no doubt recognize the evil temptress in the above photo as a box of Timbits from junk food chain Tim Hortons. I am both happy and surprised to say that I’ve actually resisted not one but TWO boxes of these on two consecutive days.

I also resisted not one but two cravings for hot chocolate on not one but TWO consecutive days.

How did I do it?

I simply kept in mind what my gym goals are. In other words, I manned up and did the proper grown up thing and took the responsibility that I knew I had set myself to take. After, what, 15 blog posts of me saying how I caved in to short term body destructive pleasures, the last thing I wanted to do was write a 16th repost.

See the vending machine below?

I had change in my pocket for a snack before my night school course and I had my eye on a certain spicy plantain bag but that eye lingered over to the beautiful Coffee Crisp. Temptation was seductive.

“No. The coffee will keep me awake. And not to mention the nasty stuff the rest of the bar will do to me”. So I ordered the spicy plantain bag.


No added sugar. No gluten. Bla bla bla. I wish I remembered the name (note to the branding department) but hey, I can always dip into the school for a fix.

So I think I’ve finally reached my goal of going back to where I was dietary temptation-wise. Snubbing sugar and enjoying the sense of personal accomplishment of defeating the temptress.

Have you recently reached a tough goal? Even if it has nothing to do with sugar or nutrition, I’d love to hear about it!



  1. Love this Dan. I totally know that feeling – when you resist a temptation successfully. It’s rare, but what a sweet feeling. I’m considering giving up meat for April. Of all the diet “trends” (though I guess vegetarianism isn’t really a trend, it’s here to stay), I think this is one I could actually do. And I’d be interested to see if I notice a difference. Thanks for sharing, Dan!

    1. That has got to have been the fastest I had ever received a comment in my history of blogging. We must be online at the same time :) Funny that you mention giving up meat. I’ve recently decided to eat less meat and more vegetables. I went a little overboard last year with eating as much protein as I could. There’s something to the whole “everything in moderation” thing. good luck with giving up meat. Just be sure to have your saturated fats (ex: coconut oil) as they are vital to health. Without it, nasty things happen.

  2. Sugar’s a funny thing – once you get it out of your diet for long enough you don’t miss it. But once you let it sneak its way back in your hooked again! Sort of like smoking – I’m not a smoker but have heard that even if you’ve quit for 30 years, if you have just one, you can easily get hooked again. Something to ponder. I’ve been off sugar this year and then recently made a huge batch of cookies that I ate for several days. Now I have the cravings again! At least I know how to kick it. Here we go again!

    1. Totally, totally right! It is so easy to fall back into the binge. I think that’s why staying active helped me keep cravings and falling off the wagon under control. Good luck with your fight. What do you do to go back on track?

    1. You are so right. I’ve recently saw a YouTube video talking about how sodium makes you look puffy. But vanity aside, too much isn’t good for you. In other words, “everything in moderation”. Seriously, I should rename my blog to that proverb :)

  3. I have to say, I am most impressed that you were able to resist the sugar temptation during night school, since I find myself reaching for candy the most during that time! Way to go. :)

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