Help me create my rehab workout

Three men working out in a gym

Photo credit: Marco Crupi  Released in Creative Commons

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I have numerous injuries which I’ve been (im)patiently waiting to heal since last November.

A recap for new readers: 2013 was a great year for me as I’ve discovered the benefits of strength training. Long story short, I enjoyed increased energy, increased confidence, a sense of capability, and I was stronger when helping out moving furniture and such.

Unfortunately due to what turns out to be and posture (who knew?) and bad desk ergonomics, I ended up with the following injuries:

After six expensive visits to physio, I was given the green light to go back into the gym. BUT… yes, there is a but… I have to start from zero. That means I’m squatting, deadlifting, barbell rowing, military pressing with just the bar. No plates added. My physio therapist doesn’t even want me to touch the bench press.

This is what I call the very definition of “checking your ego at the door”. And the very definition of “patience”.

What a huge difference I feel in my mental health from regular strength training to having to keep away from it. And I intend on getting back into the former ASAP. But with patience.

This is where I need your help

Suggestions on which exercises/routines I can do? My physiotherapist simply said start from zero then gradually add weight. “You’ll know when”. This isn’t good enough for me. I need a plan and goals. Strength training made it easy — add 2.5lbs per week. If at one point you just can’t do it, reduce and try again.

For instance, the push up is one of my favorite strength building exercises. But I have to start with wall push ups. Then I can move on to the push ups you do on your knees before my recovering biceps can handle my full weight during regular push ups. That means burpees, another favorite of mine, are out for the time being.

I can do leg exercises like lunges and farmer’s walks. Maybe even the leg press machine (though I prefer barbells and nothing beats the squat and deadlift).

Anyone out there who has been there with the injuries I’ve had? Got a rehab routine I can do?



  1. This might not be the type of workout routine you’re looking for, but have you thought of trying yoga? There are a lot of postures that focus on developing both arm strength and mobility that could be beneficial as you build back up. I would especially recommend the more active styles of yoga (ashtanga, power or vinyassa) for a good workout along with some arm strengthening. If you let the instructor know about your injuries, he/she should be able to recommend some modifications. Good luck!

    1. I completely forgot about yoga. Back when I first developed my injuries, I happened to be chatting with a yoga instructor who mentioned something about “fascia” (I think it’s spelled). As you can see, I’m a total beginner at this :)

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