Make bread from… plantains?


Here’s another recipe that flipped my idea of the need of table sugar in baked goods upside down. It’s a paleo recipe for an avocado and bacon sandwich but it’s the bread that will be the focus of this blog post.

At the time when I found this recipe (about this time last year), I was looking to bake my own wheat free bread. I was intrigued by how simple it was to make this “bread”. Peel a plantain and put it in a blender with two whole eggs. Pour the batter onto a lightly greased baking sheet (with coconut oil or else the paleo police will come after you) and place said baking sheet in the oven (350 degrees) for approximately 25 minutes. That’s it!



The plantain makes it a little sweet to eat but it sure makes a tasty sweet snack on it’s own (despite my photos above). And nutritious – lots of protein from the eggs, vitamins and fibre from the plantain (and other goodies) and the benefits of coconut oil.

In fact, there’s another super quick and tasty sweet snack you can make with plantains:

1. Peel and chop a plantain
2.Place into a pan with coconut oil
3. Set stove to medium
4. Fry until golden brown.

The more ripe the plantain, the sweeter and ooey gooey the recipe will turn out! The less ripe the plantain, the drier it gets. Not very pleasant. You also save a bit on electricity when cooking with coconut oil as it has a low smoke point.

Up for giving this recipe a try? Let me know what you think!


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