How to talk yourself into caving to a sugar craving

I walked into a gas station a couple of weeks back and noticed a 2 and a half pound (or was is a half pound?) Reese’s peanut butter cups. Actually, it as a marketed as a puck (it had the NHL logo on it, after all). It was a pretty large little box – yes, box – and I really wanted to sink my teeth into it.

But I was strong. I kept in mind that it was mostly high fructose corn syrup and who knows what other nasty chemicals that would do my body no good in the long term.

Instead, I purchased it as a thank you gift for a colleague at work.

Ok, maybe I’m a hypocrite. But remember, my goal isn’t to become “that guy”. That guy who preaches about his diet. No, I’ve become that guy who cheats on his diet.

I’m not going to confess or whine or say “o woe is me”. I chose the go down the wrong path and it’s my fault, my doing, I’m the only one to blame. Instead, I’m going to share with you the inner dialogue I had with myself as I drove home tonight. I mention a Patty. That is the pseudonym I chose for my colleague.

“Quite a stressful couple of weeks this way but we finished that project like a boss! Oh, I need to put in some gas. Hey, the gas station has that Reese’s Pieces puck. Maybe I could… NO! It’s full of sugar – especially corn syrup – and nasty stuff. Stay strong. I am strong. I don’t need that garbage. Besides, Patty felt a little sick after eating it and I will, too. Sinking my teeth into it will be so tasty. NO! Just this once. I can eat half of it today and half of it tomorrow. I’m going back to the gym tomorrow! NO! Why bollix things up even more? You haven’t exercised in 4 months, your health is shot and who knows what kind of crazy blood sugar levels you have. Well, Lent starts next week. I can be strong then. NO!”

Oh yeah, this went on. Temptation isn’t fun. Then another idea came in my head and that was it.

“If I buy it, I could BLOG ABOUT IT. Hey, I have an idea – I can write a post about this inner dialogue!”

So I pulled into the gas station.

“This is stupid. I’m deliberately cheating myself. But it would make a great blog post! Lent starts next week.”

I go to pay for gas and… they no longer sell the hockey puck of doom.


Yeah, I was THAT weak. “Hey, this could make the blog post even funnier. I ended up buying the regular version. Oh look, there’s a king size. That’s hilarious!”.

Hilarious. What’s worse is…


I didn’t stop at one. “This one has coconut!”

I took a look at the ingredients when I got home. The peanut butter cups were about 40g of sugar EACH. The Bounty had a lot less (if I remember correctly, it was about half) and hardly any nasty chemicals. Not even high fructose corn syrup. I ate both packages in pretty much 10 minutes. Of course I felt sick. My stomach still hurts after 2 hours. Of course I feel bad now for caving. Not sure what happened to my discipline but I can’t wait until I get back into the gym and take advantage of Lent to really get back in the game. More on the two in a future post.

Do you have any future dates you can use as goals?


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