Simple spinach and strawberry salad that’s super delicious!


Spinach is chock full of many great nutrients and vitamins and such. As Popeye can attest, they help build muscles and make you strong. And with all that fibre, why leave spinach from your diet? Just like all greens. But salad is boring right? Nope! Throw in some blueberries, strawberries and blackberries and you don’t even need salad dressing. Yes, you can eat spinach straight. Just as long as you eat other stuff with it :) This is my goto salad when I brown bag it at work. Sometimes I just don’t feel like salad dressing.

But salad dressing is important to have because the fat from it will help your body absorb the vitamins from the salad’s ingredients. So I sometimes also add avocado to the mix.

One thing to note: eating spinach makes your teeth appear yellow! Know what strawberries do? They whiten your teeth! I’m not saying eating the two will cancel each other out. Just saying not to eat spinach on a day of important meetings or dates :)

I also like to throw in some nuts into the salad. Perhaps walnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds – whatever I happen to have lying around and didn’t forget to pick up when grocery shopping. More protein, more healthy fats.

You know what also goes great with spinach? Blue cheese! I can’t get enough of the stuff. But like everything in life, I try to keep things in moderation. As the saying goes, you can’t.

Are you like Popeye and can’t get enough of spinach or can’t stand the stuff?


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