How the food industry has been slowly killing us


Photo credit: elycefeliz

I am an avid listener of CBC Radio and one of my favourite shows is Ideas. As luck would have it, I stumbled across  two-part documentary about how politics, economics and marketing negatively influenced (and still does) North American food consumption.

In a nutshell:

  • we have been eating on average 200 more calories a day since the 1980s as compared to the decades prior
  • we have a lot of grain thanks to government subsidies – this caused a surplus resulting in the creation of processed food (Richard Nixon is involved)
  • grocery stores don’t like stocking produce as much as processed food because produce goes back quickly
  • we grow a lot of corn because it creates high fructose corn syrup causing, yup, even more processed food
  • the US government also subsidized the production of cheese causing a surplus and, you guessed it, even more processed food
  • we didn’t have a while aisle at the supermarket for frozen dinners until marketing taught us how much of a chore cooking was –  more processed food
  • ditto for takeout
  • and much, much more

The simple lesson again is to avoid processed food and don’t overeat.

Do you avoid the processed food aisle? How do you stop yourself from overeating?



  1. Thanks for sharing Daniel! I wish there was an optimal way to avoiding processed food especially when your on a time constraint, and need a quick bite to eat. What’s usually accessible is processed! :s And then I think mental “will” power, but then that goes “off” when your hungry. When I think about it, it’s only the chips, chocolate bars and candies that seem most accessible at the cashier aisle. A bowl of fruit would be ideal or bags of fresh cherries (yum!). There should be more efforts to have produce or natural options at cashier stands (but I guess it has to do with food going bad), than your regular chocolate bars and chips. I also read somewhere that Healthy eating adds $2K a year to family grocery bills! If only the food industry could make it easy…

    1. I’m sure the extra two grand can be reduced by using coupons and not necessarily going organic all the time. But I haven’t checked this out yet. An extra 2 grand a year vs. shorter life span. Hm…. ;)

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