Sugar is bad and good for you. Just don’t eat too much of it.


Photo credit: Malingering

Every time we eat sugar, our pancreas releases insulin to keep our blood sugar levels in balance. The insulin stores the glucose in the sugar as energy in our liver and muscles.

That’s good!

When we eat too much sugar, the pancreas has to release more insulin to deal with things.

That’s bad.

All that excess insulin, causes our blood sugar to drop. Also known as a sugar crash. Our bodies then craves more sugar to replenish our sugar levels. Thus the cycle starts again.

That’s bad.

As we continue to eat too much sugar, our body builds a tolerance to insulin. Thus, our pancreas needs to pump out even more insulin to compensate. 

This is really bad.

Over time we get fatter and suffer all the other effects of sugar. Cue the infographic.

Knowing all this helps me (and I hope you as well) stick to my goals. My body just doesn’t need sugar.

Well, sort of.

Sugar is good for energy. We need it. But we don’t need a lot of it. So yes, you don’t have to give up all those delicious desserts. Just reduce them. And exercise regularly.

Think you can’t resist? Then work on your mental toughness (also known as “will power”) to reduce your intake. And check out Why Sugar is Worse than Darth Vader by the excellent Nerd Fitness website. It explains quite simply what sugar is, the different types of sugar (there are no “healthy” types), how high fructose corn syrup entered into our food supply, how to effectively reduce your cravings and build some mental toughness.

How do you build up your resilience to cravings? Particularly at social gatherings when everyone is ordering large, scrumptious desserts?


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